Here Myself

Hi there!  This is Ariful Islam Shaon, a young (In age and mind of course) and self-motivated guy living in the beautiful city Rangpur in Bangladesh. I’m an Accounting graduate from National University of Bangladesh.

Ariful Islam Shaon

I’m talking on the Bangladesh’s first Digital Design Conference, Big Design Day’2015

I’m working as a Software Developer with some foreign clients. Beside my job, I’m a trainer, speaker, writer and a video tutorial maker. I made over 200+ video tutorial on Bangla.  I trained over 200 students on web and software development since last 3/4 years. I talk on different seminar, workshop and conference on IT and Web and Software Development. In last couple of years I wrote 3 eBooks on Web Development and Freelancing career development on Bangla and those can be found here.

In my career as a Software Developer, I’m skilled on with an array of technologies. I’m specialized on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap based front end development. I’m a big fan of WordPress and I live my life with it. I use WooCommerce and sometimes Magento for eCommerce solution.  I’ve a little bit working experience on Joomla and Prestashop. I often use PHP and MySQL server side project and sometime use raw JavaScript or jQuery for client side interactivity. I use LESS for dynamic CSS solution in large scale of Web Application. I love to work with Laravel as a PHP framework but I’m a crazy fan of massive (!) Zend Framework!

Beside these skills set, I’ve a good working experience on Photoshop and Illustrator and have experience in Internet Marketing section like Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization as I was start my online career as an Internet Marketer.

As my work goes on and on, some of the famous news portal and tech blog in Bangladesh took my interview on my career, the process I follow and my future plan. Here are they:

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